I Am a Collaborative Partner

SLPtele is dedicated to providing our Collaborative Partners with qualified talent to help them deliver speech therapy services to a growing patient pool. We find and deliver the most eligible therapists to Collaborative Partners nationwide as practical and cost-effective solutions to help grow their agency.

Trust in our ability to help you build your practice and meet the growing demands of your patients.

How does it work?

The SLPtele team is able to meet your patient’s unique needs through quality, in-home telespeech therapy services. Our certified speech-language therapists work remotely and are able to meet with your patients and their families via live online sessions.

Our therapists work face-to-face via our HIPPA compliant online system to deliver therapy that addresses speech, language, swallowing, or social communication issues. Our therapists are able to serve patients in the comfort of their own home, and parents are better able to get involved in the process, which is conducive to the patient’s growth.

As long as your patients have access to a computer and a high-speed internet connection, our SLPtele therapists can provide services.

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What kind of services is SLPtele able to provide?

Because therapy sessions take place over a web-based platform, SLPtele therapists are able to:

  • Consult with the family to identify whether speech therapy treatment is needed.
  • Conduct an initial assessment and the develop a Plan of Care that meets the patient’s individual needs.
  • Provide therapy online telespeech sessions.
  • Offer additional practice that parents/guardians will have access to use 24/7.

Why become a Collaborative Partner with SLPtele?

Being understaffed can put your organization in jeopardy. SLPtele helps you to meet those challenges by delivering qualified, experienced, and certified speech-language pathologists to help you meet your patients’ unique needs.

  • We hire, train, and mentor all of our therapists, including bilingual therapists.
  • Improve therapist availability means patients are able to schedule sessions within 48 hours.
  • We work diligently with our partners to ensure all data collection and progress monitoring meets federal and state standards.
  • Our online tools help to streamline workflows.
  • Because patients no longer have to come into your office, you have a greater opportunity to grow your agency.
  • Our therapists are able to deliver high-quality services and spend more time with each patient.

Our expertise and staff of qualified healthcare professionals can give you the results you need. Contact us today at (818) 894-2273 to find out how you can become a collaborative partner.

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